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Maintaining Quality Control Using a Radiological Digital X-ray Dashboard



Repeats are indicators for the quality-imaging manager to schedule additional training and to be used as a basis for dialog with the reading radiologists to improve the service and quality to patients and referring physicians. Through the thoughtful application of software and networking, dose management, X-ray usage, and repeat analysis data can be made available centrally. This provides clinically useful technologist-centric results greatly benefiting an enterprise. This study tracked a radiology department’s use of a digital X-ray dashboard software application. It was discovered that 80% of the exams were performed by only 21% of the technologists and that the technologist with the highest throughput had a personal repeat rate of 6.5% compared to the department average of 7.6%. This study indicated that useful information could be derived and used as a basis for improving the radiology department’s operations and in maintaining high quality standards.

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Workflow radiology management quality control quality management repeat analysis productivity dashboard computed radiography digital radiography dose 



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