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Periodontal disease and risk of atherosclerotic coronary heart disease

  • Takako Nakajima
  • Kazuhisa YamazakiEmail author
Review Article


Atherosclerosis is an important component of coronary heart disease (CHD), which is the leading cause of death worldwide, including in Japan. Because atherosclerotic processes are typified by chronic inflammatory responses, which are similar to those elicited by chronic infection, the role of infection in promoting or accelerating atherosclerosis has received considerable focus. Increasing evidence supports the notion that periodontitis is associated with increased risk of atherosclerosis through dysfunction of endothelial cells induced by either periodontopathic bacteria or their products, or inflammatory mediators derived from infected periodontal tissue. Here we review whether periodontitis represents a risk factor for CHD or atherosclerosis, particularly in a Japanese population.

Key words

Chronic inflammatory response Periodontal pathogens Endothelial dysfunction Atheromatous plaque Cardiac diseases 


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