Pluripotential theory on the support of closed positive currents and applications to dynamics in \(\mathbb {C}^n\)

  • Frédéric ProtinEmail author


We extend certain classical theorems in pluripotential theory to a class of functions defined on the support of a (1, 1)-closed positive current T, analogous to plurisubharmonic functions, called T-plurisubharmonic functions. These functions are defined as limits, on the support of T, of sequences of plurisubharmonic functions decreasing on this support. We study these functions by means of a class of measures, so-called pluri-Jensen measures, which prove to be numerous on the support of (1, 1)-closed positive currents. For any fat compact set, we obtain an expression of its relative Green’s function in terms of pluri-Jensen measures and deduce a characterization of the polynomially convex fat compact sets and of pluripolar sets. These tools are then used to study dynamics of a class of automorphisms of \(\mathbb {C}^n\) which naturally generalize Hénon’s automorphisms. We obtain an equidistribution result for the convergence of pull-back of certain measures toward an ergodic invariant measure with compact support.


Pluricomplex Green’s function Closed positive current Pluripolar set Polynomial convexity Complex dynamics Jensen measure 

Mathematics Subject Classification

32U15 32E20 32U35 32U40 32U05 32H50 



We thank Prof. E. Bedford and C. Kiselman for their attentive reading.


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