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Dear Readers

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Dear Readers

Dear Reader,

Let me start by reiterating something that was mentioned in this column just a few months ago. IMWA wishes to encourage our authors to publish their journal papers as Open Access and is willing to partially subsidize the costs involved for up to three papers that will be published on-line in 2019. I am repeating this information because so far, only one author has e-mailed me to let me know that he is interested in taking advantage of this offer and is attempting to find the required matching funds. More details on this opportunity can be found by looking in this column in the December 2018 issue.

Second, I assume that most people reading this column are members of IMWA. As such, you should have received an invoice for 2019. If you have not already paid it, please do so because otherwise, this may be the last issue of this journal you will see. Last year, many members apparently did not get an invoice and therefore did not remember to pay their dues. As a result, our membership dropped last year. Hopefully, this problem has been corrected and our membership will bounce back in 2019. But please do what you can to encourage your peers and co-workers who are not members to join. Let them know that all members, even student members (who only pay € 35 a year, or its equivalent in US dollars), receive this journal, as well as discounted registration fees at IMWA’s annual meetings. Feel free to provide this link to anyone you know working in our field who is not already a member:, and let them know that joining will allow them free on-line access to all of the papers previously published in our journal as well as papers that have been published on-line but that have not yet appeared in print.

As I have done in the March issue every year for many years now, the rest of this column will be dedicated to thanking all of you who reviewed manuscripts for us during the past year. Our list of reviewers continues to grow, which is great since we continue to receive more submissions each year. Without the help of all of you, we could not maintain our high standards. All the editors and the authors truly appreciate your efforts. With this thought in mind, we would like to publicly thank all 218.

First, let’s especially recognize our top 21 reviewers, led by Ahmet Osmanlioglu, who reviewed 14 manuscripts in 2018! Elif Agartan reviewed 8 manuscripts, while Li Bo, Martin Mkandawire, and Kevin Myers reviewed seven, and Adrian Brown, Amy Hudson, and Kevin Morin each reviewed six. Malgorzata Ciosmak, Cleber Gomes, and Wanghua Sui each reviewed five manuscripts, and Dong Donglin, Margarete Kalin, Tania Kennedy, Li Peiyue, Liu Weitao, Jorge Loredo, Broder Merkel, Michael Paul, Martin Schultze, and Ke Xu each reviewed four papers.

Amos Adeniyi, David Arcos, Ahmad Aryafar, Tim Aubel, Bernadette Azzie, Nurgul Balci, Claudia Belviso, Mostafa Benzaazoua, Arkoprovo Biswas, Anna Bogush, Carlos Ruiz Canovas, Richard Connelly, Luiz de Andrade Lima, Scott Effner, Jordi Guimera, Andrew Hammond, Kevin Hayley, M. Farhad Howladar, Eberhard Janneck, Jiang Chunlu, Jiang Xiaozhen, Allison Johnston, Denise Levitan, Simon Lorentz, Mark Lund, Eric Marchand, Vladimir Matichenkov, Joscha Opitz, Eric Perry, Pu Xunchi, Guy Riefler, Douglas Sims, Jason Tavares, Kai-Uwe Ulrich, Brent Usher, Eleni Vassiliou, Wang Zhengyang, J.X. Yang, Yin Shangxian, and Yuan Junhong all reviewed two manuscripts this past year.

Finally, Oluranti Agboola, Ali Ahmadi, Farshad Alijani, Mohammad Arzoo Ansari, Mattias Bäckström, Gerry Baker, Aaron Bandler, Jean-Francois Blais, Gretchen Bohnhoff, Hassan Bouzahzah, Robert Bowell, Donald Carpenter, Julio Castillo, Venkata Chada, David Chen, Li Cheng, Aurelie Chopard, Unai Cortada, Lucie Coudert, Stefania Da Pelo, Julien Declercq, David Dettrick, Biswaranjan Dhal, Dong Ding, Craig Divine, Davidson Egirani, Mehmet Ekmekci, Zeynal Erguler, Fan Gangwei, Ben Faulkner, Linda Figueroa, Jim Fricke, John Gale, Juliana Galhardi, Catherine Gandy, Gwendelyn Geidel, Joern Geletneky, Mugera Gitari, Elaine Goetz, Tomas Goode, Wang Guangcai, Grzegorz Gzyl, Vardan Hayrapetyan, Reza Hedayat, Ben Heinrich, Sage Hiibel, Edgar Hiller, Ivo Andre Homrich Schneider, Mfandaidza Hove, Rob Huddy, Jan Ilavsky, Hadi Jafari, Manish Jain, Heather Jamieson, Gyozo Jordan, Rennie Kaunda, Elena Khayrulina, Yaser Kianinia, Birthe Kjellerup, Allan Kolker, Natalie Kruse, Nadja Kunz, Chengguang Lai, Lucila Lantschner, Li Guangbin, Li Liangping, Andrea Lisjak, Wei Victor Liu, Liu Weiqun, Andreas Luek, Deepesh Machiwal, Abdelkabir Maqsoud, Vincent Martin, Jean Carlo Menezes, Amir Motlagh, Ann Mounteer, Jean Mulopo, Kirk Nordstrom, Shane O’Neill, Natalia Orekhova, Graham Parkinson, Roger Pieters, Benoit Plante, Walter Pohl, Krzysztof Polak, Bably Prasad, Martiens Prinsloo, Alan Puhalovich, Anthony Ranalli, Atta Rasool, Dan Read, Eric Rosa, José Arnaldo Frutuoso Roveda, Rafael Rubio, Michael Sackey, Christopher Satterley, Joseph Scalia, Petra Schneider, Ruediger Schwarz, John Senko, Shikha Sharma, Shen Jianjun, Craig Sheridan, Shi Longqing, Jhon Silva-Castro, Alison Sinclair, Ajit Pratap Singh, Cindy Smith, Heidi Smith, Bronislaw Smolski, Abhai K. Soni, Peter Sottnik, Eric Swanson, Jacek Szczepinski, Travis Tasker, Viswanath Vadapalli, Bas Vriens, Wang Hao, Wang Xi-hua, Wei Xinchao, Florian Werner, Mark Williamson, Christian Wolkersdorfer, Peter Woods, Wu Jianhua, Yan Ruiwen, Ping Yang, Kendra Zamzow, Wanfang Zhou, Mahdi Zoorabadi, and Zou Guangui all reviewed one paper.

Thank you, one and all! If you don’t see your name on this list, and would like to help review papers, please go to our journal’s web site ( to make sure that you are registered as a reviewer, that your e-mail address is correct, and that your areas of expertise are clearly identified, as we generally use those to select our reviewers. This enables us to select manuscripts for you to review that you will find interesting. If your interests are described and you were somehow not asked to review a paper in 2018, just send me an e-mail and we will make sure that you receive the opportunity to help review papers in 2019.

Finally, in addition to our reviewers, I also want to thank our authors, without which there would be no journal, and you, our dedicated readers, without whom there would be no reason for this journal to exist. I, and the rest of the editorial team, are grateful for your interest and support of this journal and IMWA.

We look forward to seeing many of you in a few months at IMWA’s annual meeting, which is being held in Perm, Russia. If you are interested in working this conference into your vacation plans, I suggest you check the conference site ( for information on the accompanying persons’ tours and other activities to consider doing while visiting that region.

Best Regards,

Bob Kleinmann, PhD; Editor-in-Chief,

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