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  • Bob Kleinmann
Introduction: Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

First, a personal note: in the September issue, I mentioned that I was retiring from my government job and was going to be joining a consulting company, though at the time, I did not know which one. Well, I made the decision near the end of December and started working for CH2M Hill in early January as a Senior Mining Technologist with, for obvious reasons, a focus on mine water issues. So far, it seems like an excellent fit. If you would like more information about the company, or about what I will be working on, or about joining the company yourself, please let me know; you can reach me at

Next, on behalf of all of the editors, I am belatedly thanking all of you who have reviewed papers for us. Yes, I have done so in a general way each year but I have not provided the names of those who have provided this valuable service—in fact, I did not know that it was possible to do so. Below, you will find the names of all of those folks who have written reviews for this journal for the past 3 years. We, as editors, and even more so, all of the authors and readers of this journal have benefitted from the unsung labors of these individuals; we all owe them our thanks. Open image in new window

Reviewers 2009

David Arcos, Paula Avila, Bernadette Azzie, Robert Borden, Graca Brito, Corinne Casiot, Rosa Cidu, Yves Couillard, Charles Cravotta III, Stefania Da Pelo, Edgardo Donati, Ted Eary, Harry Edenborn, Ben Faulkner, Christopher Gammons, Catherine Gandy, Gwendelyn Geidel, Walter Geller, James Gusek, David Harper, Katherine Heal, Michelle Jarvie, Sameer Khaitan, Briant Kimball, Carl Kirby, Natalie Kruse, David Lockington, John Mahoney, Jannie Maree, Clint McCullough, Geoff Moret, Kevin Morin, Kym Morton, Greg Olyphant, R. Timothy Patterson, Václav Píša, Bably Prasad, Marja Liisa Räisänen, Sierra Rayne, David Salmon, Martin Schultze, David Scott, Ashmita Sengupta, Frank Stapelfeldt, Anthony Stefanidis, René Therrien, Otto Uhl, Danie Vermeulen, William White III, David Williams, Christian Wolkersdorfer

Reviewers 2010

Rebecca Bartlett, Lesley Batty, Charlotte Braungardt, Graca Brito, Rosa Cidu, Charles Cravotta III, Stefania Da Pelo, Dimitris Dimitrakopoulos, Enrico Dinelli, Joe Donovan, Ted Eary, Luca Fanfani, Ben Faulkner, Campbell Fleming, Andrew Fletcher, Kurt Friese, Christopher Gammons, Catherine Gandy, Gwendelyn Geidel, Joern Geletneky, Walter Geller, Cleber Gomes, James Gusek, Rachid Hakkou, Peter Hollings, Michelle Jarvie, Sameer Khaitan, Briant Kimball, Helena Lind, Lars Lovgren, Robert Maliva, Reza Marandi, Romy Matthies, Clint McCullough, Daniel Miller, Geoff Moret, Kevin Morin, Ron Mullennex, Kevin Myers, Marja Liisa Räisänen, Sierra Rayne, David Salmon, Martin Schultze, A. S. Sheoran, Jeffrey Simmons, A. K. Soni, Frank Stapelfeldt, Daniel Weber, Richard Wilkin, Hannah Wilkinson, Magdalena Worsa-Kozak, Kendra Zamzow, Guosheng Zhan, Paul Ziemkiewicz

Reviewers 2011

Michael Ali, David Arcos, Steve Atkin, Paula Avila, Bernadette Azzie, Andre Banning, Astrid Barkleit, Rebecca Bartlett, Lesley Batty, Keith Berry, Jayanta Bhattacharya, Chahrazed Boukhalfa, Keith Brady, Graca Brito, Adrian Brown, Chen-Tung Arthur Chen, Mohamed Chiban, Rosa Cidu, Stefania Da Pelo, Enrico Dinelli, Craig Divine, Edgardo Donati, Faramarz Doulati-Ardejani, Ben Faulkner, Linda Figueroa, Andrew Fletcher, Christopher Gammons, Gwendelyn Geidel, Joern Geletneky, Walter Geller, Cleber Gomes, Harma Greben, Jordi Guimera, Rachid Hakkou, Stephen Hancock, John Harman, Katherine Heal, Michelle Jarvie, Andrew Johnstone, Stefan Karlsson, Päivi Kauppila, Sameer Khaitan, Ben Klinck, Anna Knox, Natalie Kruse, Krzysztof Labus, Maggy Lengke, Helena Lind, Lars Lovgren, Mark Lund, Reza Marandi, Romy Matthies, Matthew McGann, Bob McLendon, Jutta Meier, Broder Merkel, Kevin Morin, Kym Morton, Ron Mullennex, Kevin Myers, Carmen Neculita, Nora Hilda Paños, Václav Píša, Krzysztof Polak, Marja Liisa Räisänen, Nada Rapantova, Sierra Rayne, Jo Renshaw, Alain Rouleau, Michael Sackey, Petra Schneider, Martin Schultze, John Senko, Douglas Sims, Gayatri Singh, Karen Stash, William Strosnider, Olli Tuovinen, Wilfried Uhlmann, Eleni Vassiliou, Danie Vermeulen, Christoph Weidner, Joshua White, Bruce Wielinga, Hannah Wilkinson, Magdalena Worsa-Kozak, Kendra Zamzow, Guosheng Zhan, Paul Ziemkiewicz

You might also be interested in knowing who our top achievers were. During the years 2009–2011, Sierra Rayne reviewed 7 papers, and Kevin Morin, Kevin Myers, and Marja Liisa Räisänen each reviewed 5 papers for us. Special thanks to them!

If your name is not on this list, please let us know if you would like to review papers. You can simply register as a reviewer by visiting this web page: As you can see from all of the names listed for 2011, the number of manuscripts being submitted has exploded; we desperately need more reviewers so that we don’t overtax the good souls whose names you see above. You get to select the specific mine water specialties that you feel qualified to review and we, as editors, try to send you papers that match those topics. If we send you papers that are not appropriate or if you are just too busy, you can decline the opportunity and count on being invited again. Finally, we do not ask you to edit the papers; that is our job as editors. And unlike any other journal that I know of, we do a preliminary editing job of the manuscripts before we send them out for review to make it easier for you to understand what the authors are saying or attempting to say, and provide some valuable comments, suggestions, and feedback. Finally, as you might imagine, we as editors are also getting overtaxed. If any of you would like to volunteer to be an associate editor and have good English skills, we desperately need some help.

Normally, on this page, I write about the papers that are appearing in this issue, but I have already consumed so much space! I will tell you that, as promised, we have started what we hope will be a regular part of each issue, IMWA Insights. Regarding the rest of the papers, I can only tell you that there is no unifying theme but that I think you will find them interesting. Open image in new window

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