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Review of the deepwater cardinalfish genus Microichthys Rüppell 1852, with the description of a new species from the Azores Islands (Teleostei: Epigonidae)


The epinonid fish genus Microichthys Rüppell 1852 is reviewed. The genus includes three valid species: M. coccoi Rüppell 1852 and M. sanzoi Spartà 1950 from the Mediterranean Sea; M. atlanticus sp. nov. from the Azores, northeastern Atlantic Ocean, characterized by the following combination of characters: dorsal-fin rays VII + I, 8–9; anal-fin rays II, 8; total pectoral-fin rays 18; total gill rakers 20–23; pyloric caeca 4; pored lateral-line scales 41–43 + 2; vomerine teeth 6, in a single row; denticles on posterior margin of preopercle 6–21, on lower margin 1–2; nape slightly humped; bony rim of orbit not raised above dorsal profile; ridge present in interorbital region; oblique dark lateral bars 18–22, lower counter-bars 7; vertical black bar on anterior caudal peduncle absent; peritoneum pale; pelvic fins pale. A key to the species of Microichthys is presented.

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We would like to thank Daniel Golani (HUJ) for providing a catalogue number for material of Microichthys coccoi, and to Friedhelm Krupp and Moritz Sonnewald (SMF) for giving access to the holotype of that species. We are grateful to Pietro Battaglia (ISPRA) for giving access to materials under his care and providing images of ISPRA specimens.

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