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Taxonomic review of Kyphosus (Pisces: Kyphosidae) in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Oceans

  • Keiichi Sakai
  • Tetsuji Nakabo
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The taxonomy of the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific species of Kyphosus is reviewed with K. bosquii (Lacepède 1802), K. incisor (Cuvier 1831), K. analogus (Gill 1862) and K. elegans (Peters 1869) considered valid, and K. atlanticus sp. nov. newly described. Kyphosus bosquii and K. atlanticus are both characterized by 12 dorsal- and 11 anal-fin soft rays, but differ in the number of longitudinal scale rows along the midbody (61–66, mode 63 vs. 50–56, mode 54). Kyphosus incisor and K. analogus, characterized by 14 dorsal- and 13 anal-fin soft rays, similarly differ from each other in midbody longitudinal scale row counts (57–64, mode 60 vs. 68–74, mode 70 or 72). Kyphosus elegans is characterized by 13 dorsal- and 12 anal-fin soft rays, and 51–57 midbody longitudinal scale rows. Kyphosus bosquii, K. atlanticus and K. incisor are distributed in the Atlantic Ocean, K. analogus and K. elegans occurring in the Eastern Pacific. The holotype of Pimelepterus flavolineatus Poey 1866, here regarded as a junior synonym of K. incisor, was located within a collection of Cuban fishes donated to the Smithsonian Institution by Poey in 1873. A neotype is designated here for K. analogus. Pimelepterus gallveii Cunningham 1910, Kyphosus palpebrosus Miranda-Ribeiro 1919 and K. metzelaari Jordan and Evermann 1927 are recognized as junior synonyms of K. bosquii. Pimelepterus sandwicensis Sauvage 1880 is a junior synonym of K. elegans. Perca saltatrix Linnaeus 1758, together with the replacement name Perca sectatrix Linnaeus 1766, is regarded as nomina dubia.


New species Kyphosus Neotype Atlantic Eastern Pacific 



Grateful thanks are due to the following for loans and gifts of specimens, information and critical comments, and accommodation of visits by the first author: J.E. Randall, A. Suzumoto and R. Pyle (BPBM); D. Catania, W. Eschmeyer, J.D. Fong and T. Iwamoto (CAS); I. Nakamura, Y. Kai, R. Doiuchi, S. Suzuki and H. Katafuchi (FAKU); S.G. Poss and S. E. LeCroy (GCRL); K. E. Hartel (MCZ); J.C. Hureau, M.L. Bauchot, G. Duhamel, P. Pruvost, L. Nandrin and C.J. Grégorio (MNHN); M. Aizawa (Biological Laboratory, Imperial Household, Japan); K. Matsuura and G. Shinohara (NSMT); R. Winterbottom (ROM); M.J.P. van Oijen (RMNH); R. Fricke (SMNS); G.H. Burgess (UF); V.G. Springer, J.T. William, S.L. Jewett and S.J. Raredon (USNM); H.J. Paepke (ZMB); I.J.H. Isbrücker, J. P. Michels and H. Praagman (ZMA); the late Y. Tominaga, the late T. Abe, and K. Sakamoto (ZUMT). G.S. Hardy (Ngunguru, New Zealand) reviewed the manuscript.


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