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Glyptothorax dikrongensis, a new species of catfish (Teleostei: Sisoridae) from Arunachal Pradesh, northeastern India

  • Lakpa Tamang
  • Shivaji ChaudhryEmail author
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Glyptothorax dikrongensis, a new species of sisorid catfish from the Dikrong River in northeastern India, is described. Glyptothorax dikrongensis can be differentiated from all congeners, except G. indicus, G. rugimentum and G. obliquimaculatus, by the presence of an unculiferous patch on the posterior region of the lower lip, in between the inner mandibular-barbel bases, and unculiferous striae of the thoracic adhesive apparatus extending anteriorly onto the gular region. Glyptothorax dikrongensis is distinguished from G. indicus by the following combination of characters: equal distance between the posterior end of the pectoral-fin base and the pelvic-fin origin and between the pelvic-fin and the anal-fin origin (vs. distance between posterior end of pectoral-fin base and pelvic-fin origin greater than between pelvic-fin origin and anal-fin origin), and the pelvic-fin origin anterior to or almost at a vertical through the posterior end of the dorsal-fin base (vs. posterior to the dorsal-fin base). Glyptothorax dikrongensis is distinguished from G. rugimentum in lacking vertical bars on the body and caudal peduncle, and having a deeper caudal peduncle (8.4–9.2 vs. 6.1–7.6% SL) and a shorter dorsal-fin spine (10.1–11.1 vs. 15.2–18.6% SL). It is distinguished from G. obliquimaculatus in lacking dark, oblique blotches on the body, and in having a shorter dorsal-fin spine (10.1–11.1 vs. 13.4–16.4% SL).


Glyptothorax New species Arunachal Pradesh Thoracic adhesive apparatus Speciation Northeastern India 



We express our gratitude to Director, L.M.S. Palni and Scientist Incharge, P.K. Samal of G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development for facilities provided. We thank Dhrupad Choudhury, Programme Coordinator (ICIMOD), Nepal for encouragement given for this piece of research. Thank to H.H. Ng for review and valuable comments about the manuscript and to Carl J. Ferraris and Kevin W. Conway for help in revising the manuscript. We also extend our gratitude to Dr. Ramakrishna, Director, Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) for permission and A.K. Karmakar (ZSI) for access to material of G. indicus under his supervision. We have followed all the current laws of our country India while conducting this piece of research.


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  1. 1.G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development, North East UnitItanagarIndia

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