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Description of two new species of the genus Priolepis from the Indo-Pacific with redescription of Priolepis profunda and Priolepis psygmophilia

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Priolepis akihitoi is described as new from Australia, New Caledonia and Japan. The species is distinctive in having a transverse papilla pattern, second dorsal rays usually I, 11, predorsal fully scaled and dark bars dorsally on the caudal fin. Priolepis cyanocephala is described as new from eastern Australia and Lord Howe Island. It differs from other species in having a reduced transverse papilla pattern, second dorsal rays I, 10, predorsal largely naked and head with vertical bands, but no bands on the body. Priolepisprofunda is redescribed based on material from northwestern Australia and Thailand, and photos of specimens from Indonesia, New Guinea and the Philippines. Priolepis psygmophilia is redescribed based on recently obtained material from the Kermadec Islands and other material from Lord Howe Island, Easter Island and Rapa Island.


Gobiidae South Pacific Japan Priolepis 


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