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Paraliparis adustus and Paraliparis bullacephalus: two new snailfish species (Teleostei: Liparidae) from Alaska

  • Morgan S. BusbyEmail author
  • Rachael L. Cartwright
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Paraliparis adustus sp. nov., a snailfish species from the Bering Sea near the Aleutian Island Archipelago, Alaska, is described based on a single mesopelagic specimen. This new species is clearly distinguished by a combination of several morphological features and meristic counts, including long pointed gill rakers with 0–3 spinules at or near the tip, anus positioned forward near the pectoral symphysis, and color uniform brown. Paraliparis bullacephalus sp. nov. from Shelikof Strait, Gulf of Alaska, is also described. This new species is very similar in meristic characters and general body shape and size to P. holomelas Gilbert, but differs primarily in morphological features of the head, particularly in the shape of the dorsal contour of the head, snout, and opercular flap, mouth size, and eye position.


Paraliparis adustus Paraliparis bullacephalus New species Liparidae Alaska 



Ann Matarese and James Orr (AFSC), Zachary Baldwin (UW), and Catherine Mecklenburg (California Academy of Sciences) reviewed the manuscript. Katherine Maslenikov and Theodore Pietsch (UW) provided the P. adustus holotype, and James Orr provided specimens of P. rosaceus. Richard Feeney (LACM) provided the P. nassarum paratypes. This research is contribution EcoFOCI-0651 to NOAA’s Fisheries-Oceanography Coordinated Investigations.


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  1. 1.Resource Assessment and Conservation Engineering DivisionAlaska Fisheries Science Center, National Marine Fisheries Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationSeattleUSA

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