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A new species of anglerfish (Lophiidae: Lophiodes) from the western Pacific

  • Hsuan-Ching Ho
  • Kwang-Tsao ShaoEmail author
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Lophiodes endoi sp. nov. is described from the western Pacific Ocean. Within the genus Lophiodes, the new species belongs in the L. mutilus group mainly defined by the absence of the fourth dorsal fin spine and differs from other species in the L. mutilus group in having a rounded esca with a paler tip, a third dorsal spine bearing a pair of black tendrils at two-thirds its length, 20–21 pectoral fin rays, a relatively short head, a relatively short illicium, a relatively short third dorsal spine, and a relatively long fifth dorsal spine, reaching the third soft dorsal fin ray when folded back. Comments on a similar species, L. bruchius, newly collected from the Kyushu–Palau Ridge, and notes on the distribution of congeneric species in the northwestern Pacific are provided.


Taxonomy Lophiiformes Lophiodes endoi Lophiodes bruchius 



We are grateful to Y.-C. Liao (ASIZ), T. Iwamoto, M. Hoang (CAS), M. Gomon, D. Bray (NMV), D. Smith, J. Williams (USNM), M. McGrouther, A. Hey, and J. Paxton (AMS) for loaning specimens or for their help when HCH examined specimens in the collections. We especially thank H. Endo (BSKU) for supplying specimens to us, J. Caruso (TU) for providing us with valuable advice on identifying specimens, K. Aitken (Marine Theme Pty Ltd.) for allowing us to use his underwater photograph, and B. Séret (MNHN) for reading and improving the manuscript and his valuable suggestions. We also think fishermen C.-Y. Chang and L.-S. Shiao in Na-fang-ao fishery market and C.-S. Lin and D.-M. Chen in Ta-shi fishery market for collecting the specimens. Financial support for this study was provided to KTS by the National Science Council.


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  1. 1.Institute of Marine BiologyNational Taiwan Ocean University, Biodiversity Research CenterTaipeiTaiwan
  2. 2.Biodiversity Research CenterTaipeiTaiwan

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