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Phylogenetic analysis of Cyprichromini (Perciformes: Cichlidae) endemic to Lake Tanganyika and validation of the genus Paracyprichromis

  • Tetsumi TakahashiEmail author


The phylogenetic relationships among two Paracyprichromis and five Cyprichromis species, included in the Tanganyikan cichlid tribe Cyprichromini, were investigated using morphological features. The previously proposed diagnostic characters of Paracyprichromis are not synapomorphies, because the nonelongated swim bladder is plesiomorphic, the numbers of dorsal and anal fin rays and scales on longitudinal line and around the caudal peduncle overlap with those of Cyprichromis, and these counts and number of vertebrae are all included within the ranges of other Tanganyikan cichlids. The monophyly of Paracyprichromis is supported by a unique condition of infraorbitals to this genus. Additionally, the monophyly of Cyprichromis was reconfirmed by one of the previously proposed diagnostic characters, the presence of an elongated swim bladder.

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Cyprichromini Paracyprichromis Synapomorphy Lake Tanganyika 


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