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Philosophy and the sciences: On the works of Oskar Becker

Munich: Fink, 2002, 256 p, (ISBN 3–7705–3659–2) €36.90
  • Jochen Sattler
Book Review

Closely linked to a planned scholarly edition of Becker’s works, this volume represents the outcome of two research colloquia on the philosophical approach and philosophy-of-science conceptions of Oskar Becker, the phenomenologist and Husserl pupil. The contributed essays develop Becker’s philosophical and historical context and focus on the analysis of his fundamental research in the areas of mathematics, logic, and geometry, and of his work concerning the philosophy of the arts.

Apart from the articles that portray the full breadth of Becker’s philosophy interests (Otto Pöggeler:Phänomenologie und philosophische Forschung bei Oskar Becker1; Gereon Wolters:Philosophie im Nationalsozialismus: der Fall Oskar Becker2), Becker’s encounters with Paul Lorenzen, the founder of the constructive philosophy of science, are particularly interesting. This avenue of research is taken by Jürgen Mittelstraß, who refers to C.F. Gethmann’s earlier study on the relationship between phenomenology and...

Gethmann-Siefert A., Mittelstraß J. (eds): Die Philosophie und die Wissenschaften. Zum Werk Oskar Beckers

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