Colorectal cancer in France

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Colorectal cancer (CRC) presents a substantial health burden in France, as the third cause of new cancer cases after breast and prostate cancers and the second cancer mortality cause representing nearly 12% of cancer deaths and almost 10% of annual life year loss due to cancer. Its prognosis has dramatically improved since the 1970s due to earlier diagnosis and an increase in the number of cases eligible for surgery. The first cancer plan implemented for the period 2003–2006 led to further improvements via, amongst others, implementing a national cancer institute (INCA), developing research, improving the quality of care and facilitating access to innovative treatments. The second cancer plan (2009–2013) aims to expand the scope of the existing cancer plan including improving primary and secondary prevention. Indeed, CRC national screening was recently implemented across France, however, the rate of the target population actually screened remains low while earlier detection of CRC at early stages should lead to an increase in France’s CRC survival rates.


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