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The insertion of a percutaneous endoscopic sigmoidostomy tube

  • V. CubasEmail author
  • O. Adedeji
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We present a video demonstration of insertion of a percutaneous endoscopic sigmoidostomy tube and a brief overview of possible problems and aftercare.

The main indications are recurrent sigmoid volvulus and chronic pseudo-obstruction. It may also be used for chronic constipation to administer enemas.

It is a safe procedure with minimal morbidity for commonly encountered problems often necessitating repeat hospitalisation.

Percutaneous endoscopic sigmoidostomy offers an alternative treatment for patients who have tried conventional treatment options without success. Traditional treatment options for sigmoid volvulus and pseudo-obstruction comprise endoscopic decompression and/or open resection. However, these management options have varying success with endoscopic decompression having a recurrence rate of approximately 40 %, and open resection may be contraindicated for frail, elderly patients or the severely immunocompromised.


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