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Radiofrequency ablation for chronic radiation proctitis: our initial experience with four cases

  • F. PigòEmail author
  • H. Bertani
  • M. Manno
  • V. G. Mirante
  • A. Caruso
  • R. L. Conigliaro
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Chronic radiation proctitis (CRP) occurs up to 20 % of patients after pelvic radiotherapy, with rectal bleeding as the main presenting complaint. Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) has recently been used in the management of Barrett’s esophagus, but its efficacy in CRP has to be studied. The aim of this case series was to describe four cases of patients with CRP treated with RFA that demonstrate the efficacy and safety of the technique.


All the procedures were performed with HALO 90 or HALO 90 Ultra ablation catheter fitted on the distal end of a standard flexible endoscope. For each patient, the severity of symptoms was assessed at baseline and after the last treatment session.


At least two sessions of RFA (maximum 4) were necessary, at three-month intervals, to completely control the symptoms. No major complications were observed.


RFA was effective and safe for control bleeding in this case series. Adequately powered randomized controlled trials are needed to establish the safety and efficacy of RFA for CRP.


Chronic radiation proctitis Rectal bleeding Radiofrequency ablation Radiotherapy Ablative theraphy Colitis 


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  • H. Bertani
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  • M. Manno
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  • V. G. Mirante
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  • A. Caruso
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  • R. L. Conigliaro
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  1. 1.Digestive Endoscopic UnitNew Civil Hospital S. Agostino EstenseBaggiovaraItaly
  2. 2.P.le G. DeleddaCastelfranco EmiliaItaly

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