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Minimally invasive surgery for diverticulitis

  • R. S. Turley
  • C. R. Mantyh
  • J. Migaly
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The realm of minimally invasive surgery now encompasses the majority of abdominal operations in the field of colorectal surgery. Diverticulitis, a common pathology seen in most colorectal practices, poses unique challenges to surgeons implementing laparoscopic surgery in their practices due to the presence of an inflammatory phlegmon and distorted anatomical planes, which increase the difficulty of the operation. Although the majority of colon resections for diverticulitis are still performed through a standard laparotomy incision, laparoscopic techniques are becoming increasingly common. A large body of literature now supports laparoscopic surgery to be safe and effective as well as to provide significant advantages over open surgery for diverticular disease. Here, we review the most current literature supporting laparoscopic surgery for elective and emergent treatment of diverticulitis.


Laparoscopy Diverticulitis Hand-assisted laparoscopy Single-incision laparoscopy 


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