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LIFT procedure: a simplified technique for fistula-in-ano

  • A. Rojanasakul
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The novel modified approach through the intersphincteric plane for the treatment of fistula-in-ano, known as LIFT (ligation of inter sphincteric fistula tract) procedure, is described in detail. LIFT procedure is based on secure closure of the internal opening and removal of infected cryptoglandular tissue through the intersphincteric approach. Essential steps of the procedure include, incision at the intersphincteric groove, identification of the intersphincteric tract, ligation of intersphincteric tract close to the internal opening and removal of intersphincteric tract, scraping out all granulation tissue in the rest of the fistulous tract, and suturing of the defect at the external sphincter muscle. Attention to detail is the key for a favorable outcome.


Fistula-in-ano Fistulotomy Surgical treatment 


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  1. 1.Colorectal DivisionChulalongkorn UniversityBangkokThailand

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