Techniques in Coloproctology

, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 102–104 | Cite as

Stump appendicitis and generalized peritonitis due to incomplete appendectomy

  • A. V. Durgun
  • B. Baca
  • Y. Ersoy
  • M. Kapan


Stump appendicitis is a rare clinical situation when there is incomplete appendectomy. A wide spectrum of diseases in the differential diagnosis of right lower quadrant pain of the abdomen and presence of appendectomy operation in a patient’s history delay the diagnosis. We report such a case of perforated stump appendicitis and generalized peritonitis occurring eight months after appendectomy.

Key words

Appendicitis Appendectomy Stump appendicitis 


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  1. 1.Istanbul University, Department of Surgery, Cerrahpasa Medical SchoolIstanbulTurkey

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