An evolving perspective of endoscopic transnasal optic canal decompression for traumatic optic neuropathy in clinic

  • Jingquan Lin
  • Wanglu Hu
  • Qun Wu
  • Jianmin ZhangEmail author
  • Wei YanEmail author


Traumatic optic neuropathy (TON) is a serious complication of craniofacial trauma, which damages the optic nerve indirectly and leads to dysfunction of visual acuity. The clinical intervention for a patient with TON includes optic canal decompression (with or without steroids), treatment with corticosteroids alone, or observation only. Currently, there is a controversy among clinicians as to which treatment is optimal. An increasing number of retrospective studies have unveiled that patients could experience significant improvement in visual acuity after optic canal decompression surgery, particularly endoscopic transnasal/transethmosphenoid optic canal decompression (ETOCD), either with or without corticosteroids. In this review, we discuss the evolving perspective on surgical treatment, specifically ETOCD, for the management of patients with TON and focus mainly on the therapeutic efficacy, safety, and resulting prognosis in the clinic.


Traumatic optic neuropathy Optic canal decompression Endoscopy Transnasal Transethmosphenoid Review 


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