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Endoscopic transchoroidal and transforaminal approaches for resection of third ventricular colloid cysts

  • G. Ibáñez-BotellaEmail author
  • M. Domínguez
  • B. Ros
  • L. De Miguel
  • B. Márquez
  • M. A. Arráez
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To review our experience over 10 years in endoscopic resection of third ventricular colloid cysts, describing the details of the transventricular–transchoroidal approach used in selected patients. This series included 24 patients with colloid cysts of the third ventricle treated in our department between October 2001 and January 2013 using an endoscopic approach. Clinical presentation, preoperative radiological findings, endoscopic technique employed, and complications were assessed in all patients. The mean length of patient follow-up was 5.16 years. The most common symptom was headache (75 %). The average size of the resected colloid cysts was 16.25 mm, the maximum diameter measured in cranial magnetic resonance imaging. Resection was transforaminal in 16 cases (66.7 %), transchoroidal in 7 (29.17 %), and transseptal in 1; macroscopically complete resection was achieved in 23 of 24 procedures (95.8 %). Complications included three intraventricular hemorrhages, four memory deficits (two of them transient), one case of temporary potomania, two soft tissue infections, and one meningitis. There were no statistically significant differences between the route of resection and number of complications. The Glasgow Outcome Scale at 1 year after surgery was 5 in 82.6 % of the patients. A transventricular endoscopic approach allows macroscopically complete resection of third ventricle colloid cysts in most cases. The option of opening the choroidal fissure (transventricular–transchoroidal approach) during the procedure can address third ventricle colloid cysts that do not emerge sufficiently through the foramen of Monro without increasing procedure-related morbidity.


Colloid cyst Neuroendoscopy Transchoroidal approach 


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Endoscopic Transventricular Transchoroidal resection of Colloid Cyst (M4V 35983 kb)

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