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Massive hemorrhage in hemangioblastomas

Literature review
  • Javier Ros de San Pedro
  • Fernando Alarcón Rodríguez
  • Belén Ferri Ñíguez
  • Juan F. Martínez-Lage Sánchez
  • Antonio López López-Guerrero
  • Matías Felipe Murcia
  • Antonio M. Ruíz-Espejo Vilar


Massive hemorrhage is a very uncommon event among hemangioblastomas. Forty-four cases have been reported before this review. Thorough analysis of all reported cases on literature was accomplished. The majority presented as parenchymatous or subarachnoid bleedings. Subarachnoid hemorrhage was only associated with spinal hemangioblastomas, while parenchymatous bleedings were more, but not only, originated from cranial instances. Ventricular hemorrhage from a hemangioblastoma was exceptional, with only two previous cases bleeding directly into the ventricular compartment. To our knowledge, the illustrative case is the first one of pure tetraventricular hemorrhage from a hemangioblastoma. When hemangioblastoma bleeding occurs, it is usually the very first clinical presentation of a previously undetected tumor. Solid type, large size, and spinal–radicular locations are more frequently related to hemorrhage. Hemorrhage following hemangioblastoma embolization and the association of this tumor with other bleeding lesions, such as arteriovenous malformations and aneurysms, is also discussed.


Hemorrhage Hemangioblastoma Ventricular hemorrhage Arteriovenous malformation Aneurysm Preoperative embolization 



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