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Sonographic assessment of musculoskeletal causes of calf pain and swelling

  • Kheng Song LeowEmail author
  • Kian Ming Chew
  • Ashish Chawla
  • Tze Chwan Lim
Pictorial Essay


Calf pain or swelling is a common presentation to the emergency department. The differential diagnoses are wide. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is often the first diagnosis to be excluded given its potentially fatal complications. Musculoskeletal causes of calf pain or swelling such as Baker’s cyst, muscle or tendon tear, soft tissue infection, and inflammation are not uncommon and can often be confidently diagnosed with ultrasonography (US). Familiarity with these conditions and the sonographic findings would be useful in making timely and correct diagnosis.


Achilles tendon Baker’s cyst Cellulitis Myositis Ultrasonography 


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  • Kheng Song Leow
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  • Kian Ming Chew
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  • Ashish Chawla
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  • Tze Chwan Lim
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