Gastric volvulus: unraveling the diagnosis with MPRs

  • Franco VerdeEmail author
  • Hazem Hawasli
  • Pamela T. Johnson
  • Elliot K. Fishman
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Gastric volvulus is a rare entity with a spectrum of acute and chronic clinical presentations. Body radiologists must be cognizant of the subtypes of gastric volvulus and identify potential complications. Mortality can be high if unrecognized from gastric necrosis, perforation, and sepsis. CT with multiplanar reformations is critical for complete evaluation beyond radiography and fluoroscopy. This article reviews clinical and imaging features of uncomplicated and complicated gastric volvulus, with the aim of guiding appropriate management.


Gastric volvulus MDCT 



We would like to thank Edmund M. Weisberg, MS, MBE; Karen A. Wehner, Ph.D.; Reham R. Haroun, MD; and Gregory Minwell, MD, for the assistance in production, revision, and proofing of this manuscript.

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