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Bedside ultrasound in the diagnosis of uterine rupture following surgical abortion

  • Charlotte DerrEmail author
  • Melinda Henry
Case Report


Reports of uterine rupture following surgical abortion are rare but may result in hemorrhage, sepsis, and even death. In this unique case, we describe how a transabdominal pelvic ultrasound performed at the bedside by an emergency department physician identified uterine rupture with retained products of conception and led to an emergent laparotomy and hysterectomy. This case illustrates how bedside ultrasound may be used in patients presenting with abdominopelvic pain following surgical abortion to shorten the time to definitive treatment and ultimately lower the morbidity and mortality associated with a diagnosis of life-threatening uterine rupture.


Ultrasound Uterine rupture Surgical abortion 

Supplementary material

Fig. 2

(Video) Longitudinal transabominal ultrasound image inferior to the uterus showing the fetal head in the peritoneal cavity. (AVI 1538 kb)


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  1. 1.Emergency Medicine Residency ProgramUniversity of South FloridaTampaUSA
  2. 2.University of South FloridaTampaUSA

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