Preparation and Characterization of UV-absorbing PVDF Membranes via Pre-irradiation Induced Graft Polymerization

  • Li Dong
  • Xiang-Dong Liu
  • Zheng-Rong Xiong
  • De-Kun Sheng
  • Yan Zhou
  • Yu-Ming Yang


Herein, excellent UV-absorbing poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) membranes were fabricated through the pre-irradiation induced graft polymerization method. The PVDF chains irradiated with 60Co γ-ray were modified with the polymerizable UV absorber 2-[2-hydroxy-5-[2-(methacryloyloxy)ethyl]phenyl]-2H-benzotriazole (RUVA-93). The influences of irradiation dose and monomer concentration on the prepared PVDF-g-PRUVA-93 membranes were investigated, and the optimal condition was eventually obtained. The chemical structures of the films were studied by 1H-NMR, FTIR, and XRD. UV light transmittance and DSC tests were used to characterize the UV-absorbing performance and thermal property of the PVDF films before and after modification. The results proved that the PRUVA-93 side chains were successfully incorporated into the PVDF main chains and the obtained PVDF-g-PRUVA-93 films possessed remarkable UV-absorbing property. The modified membrane made under the optimized experiment condition could completely block the UV light in the range of 200−387 nm. Additionally, the transmittance of the PVDF-g-PRUVA-93 film could be reduced to 0.04% in 280−320 nm, where the light irradiation could damage polymer materials most seriously.


PVDF membrane Modification Irradiation Grafting UV-absorbing 


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  2. 2.University of Science and Technology of ChinaHefeiChina

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