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Integration of decision support systems to improve decision support performance

  • Shaofeng LiuEmail author
  • Alex H. B. Duffy
  • Robert Ian Whitfield
  • Iain M. Boyle
Survey Paper


Decision support system (DSS) is a well-established research and development area. Traditional isolated, stand-alone DSS has been recently facing new challenges. In order to improve the performance of DSS to meet the challenges, research has been actively carried out to develop integrated decision support systems (IDSS). This paper reviews the current research efforts with regard to the development of IDSS. The focus of the paper is on the integration aspect for IDSS through multiple perspectives, and the technologies that support this integration. More than 100 papers and software systems are discussed. Current research efforts and the development status of IDSS are explained, compared and classified. In addition, future trends and challenges in integration are outlined. The paper concludes that by addressing integration, better support will be provided to decision makers, with the expectation of both better decisions and improved decision making processes.


Literature review Integrated decision support Multiple-perspective integration IDSS classification 


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