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Probabilistic time-dependent vehicle routing problem

  • Tomáš Režnar
  • Jan Martinovič
  • Kateřina Slaninová
  • Ekaterina Grakova
  • Vít Vondrák
Original Paper


The probabilistic time-dependent vehicle routing problem is presented in this paper. It is a novel variant of the vehicle routing problem. The variant is a problem of finding optimal routes for a fleet of vehicles visiting customers in order to proceed delivery or pick-up. All customers must be visited in designated times with given probabilities and services must begin within the given time windows. Each vehicle has a given capacity, which must not be exceeded. The travel time between each two locations is dependent on a vehicle departure time. The paper also contains examples and solution results of testing data sets using the adaptive large neighbourhood search algorithm.


Vehicle routing Probabilistic time-dependent vehicle routing problem Probability of arrival 


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