Erenumab: from scientific evidence to clinical practice—the first Italian real-life data

  • Piero BarbantiEmail author
  • Cinzia Aurilia
  • Gabriella Egeo
  • Luisa Fofi
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Despite the increase in its scientific knowledge and awareness, migraine remains an undertreated illness. Drugs discovered by serendipity still represent the standard of care and are often prematurely discontinued due to side effects, low efficacy, or both. Only two molecules, topiramate and onabotulinum toxin A, have been launched for migraine prevention over the last 28 years. As some efficacious compounds (e.g., methysergide and pizotifen) are no longer available, we must acknowledge that the therapeutic offer for the third most common and second most disabling human disease has been paradoxically declining over time.

A major step forward in migraine treatment has been the discovery of the pathogenetic role of the calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), a 37-amino acid neuropeptide widely distributed in both central and peripheral nervous system. Its complex role in migraine seems to involve peripheral nociceptor activation, vasodilation, neurogenic inflammation, central...


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