The effects of incorporated resveratrol in edible coating based on sodium alginate on the refrigerated trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fillets’ sensorial and physicochemical features

  • Behnaz Bazargani-GilaniEmail author
  • Mohammadreza Pajohi-Alamoti


The goal of this study was examining the effects of sodium alginate coating (SA) containing resveratrol (R) on enhancement rainbow trout fillets’ shelf-life. Treatments of the study were as follows: control, SA, SA-R 0.001% and SA-R 0.003%. Storage of the samples was done for 15 days at 4 °C. To analyze samples, 3-day intervals were used. Compared to the uncoated trout, the values of pH, peroxide and K were significantly lower in the coated samples (p < 0.05). R enhanced the impacts of alginate on extending the samples’ shelf life. Sensory analyses showed that R improved the sensory scores significantly (p < 0.05); besides, it did not show more changes on the sensory features and was invisible in the surface of samples. In the conclusion, R was suggested to be a strong alternative to synthetic antioxidants in refrigerated trout fillet in very low concentrations with many health benefits.


Resveratrol Sodium alginate coating Rainbow trout fillet Strong alternative Synthetic antioxidants 



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