Development of an antioxidative packaging film based on khorasan wheat starch containing moringa leaf extract

  • Ahreum Ju
  • Su-Kyoung Baek
  • Sujin Kim
  • Kyung Bin SongEmail author


The aim of this study was to develop and characterize the properties of khorasan wheat starch (KWS) films containing moringa leaf extract (MLE) as an antioxidative packaging material. KWS was isolated from khorasan wheat and used as a film base material. Different amounts (0, 0.4, 0.7, and 1.0%, w/v) of MLE were added to the KWS film-forming solution and the film properties were examined. Tensile strength of the KWS films decreased and elongation at break increased with increasing MLE content. In addition, the KWS films containing MLE possessed good antioxidative activities and ultraviolet light blocking ability. In particular, 2,2′-azino-bis (3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonic acid) and 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl radical scavenging abilities of the KWS films with 1.0% MLE were 59.45% and 37.89%, respectively. Moreover, KWS films containing 1.0% MLE were biodegradable within 30 days. These findings indicate that the developed KWS films containing MLE can be applied as a biodegradable packaging material with antioxidative activity.


Antioxidative activity Biodegradable film Khorasan wheat starch Moringa leaf extract 



This study was supported by a grant from the National Research Foundation of Korea (Grant No. 2018R1D1A1B07047096).

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  1. 1.Department of Food Science and TechnologyChungnam National UniversityDaejeonRepublic of Korea

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