The current role of capillaroscopy in vasculitides

  • Chiara BertolazziEmail author
  • Selma Gallegos-Nava
  • Ana Victoria Villarreal-Treviño
  • Alfonso Alfaro-Rodriguez
  • Denise Clavijo-Cornejo
  • Marwin Gutierrez
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Nailfold capillaroscopy (NFC) has gained remarkable interest among rheumatologists because of its utility in both clinical practice and research activity. Nevertheless, there has been scarce attention on its potential in other rheumatic disorders such as vasculitis. We perform a systematic review of literature on NFC in noninfectious vasculitides, with the aim to provide an overview of the main NFC changes described, to discuss the current evidence supporting its clinical impact and applications in daily practice and to provide future research fields.


Capillaroscopy Nailfold Vasculitis 


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