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Clinical features of Poncet’s disease. From the description of 198 cases found in the literature

  • Juan C. Rueda
  • Marie-Francoise Crepy
  • Rubén D. Mantilla
Review Article


Poncet’s disease (PD) is an entity described as a reactive arthritis due to tuberculous infection elsewhere from the joints. PD existence has been questioned; however, more cases have been reported over the years. Due to its rare nature, little is known about the clinical picture of this disease and no prospective studies had been made to address this issue. We performed a systematic review of the written literature on PD in different databases using the key words “Poncet’s disease,” “tuberculous rheumatism,” and “tuberculous reactive arthritis.” Out of 78 articles, 198 patients were included in the analysis, plus our patient. Several characteristic patterns were found. Also, a review of the pathogenesis and some hypotheses are made. PD is a well-defined entity, which should be taken as a reactive arthritis for future studies given the increase in TB incidence and prevalence around the world, especially in high-burden countries.


Clinical patterns Diagnosis Pathogenesis Poncet’s disease Tuberculous rheumatism 



We wish to thank Dr. Leon F. Jaramillo for his aid in translating the Russian papers, and Prof. Anand N. Malaviya for providing information on his case reports.




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