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The challenge of profound hypoglycorrhachia: two cases of sarcoidosis and review of the literature

  • Harini Sarva
  • Rachel Chapman
  • Eghosa Omoregie
  • Charles Abrams
Case Based Review


We report two cases of sarcoidosis which were initially misdiagnosed due to profound hypoglycorrhachia. Sarcoidosis is a systemic inflammatory disorder which can mimick other entities and has a vast array of presentations including altered mentation and signs of increased intracranial pressure. Though hypoglycorrhachia has been described previously, these two cases are unique in not only the level of hypoglycorrhachia but also the diagnostic challenge presented. We propose that sarcoidosis should be in the differential of all cases of CNS diseases with any level of hypoglycorrhachia.


Hypoglycorrhachia Mass lesion Pituitary Sarcoidosis 


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  • Harini Sarva
    • 1
  • Rachel Chapman
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  • Eghosa Omoregie
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  • Charles Abrams
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