Collision-induced fragmentation and neutralization of methanol cluster cations

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This contribution addresses the inelastic interaction of positively charged molecular cluster ions with a solid surface at kinetic energies up to 30 eV/molecule. We report experimental results on the scattering of mass-selected, protonated methanol cluster cations (CH3OH)nH+, n = 4-32, off a diamond-coated silicon surface. In particular we provide fragment size distributions of methanol cluster ions following their impact on the target, as well as surface-induced neutralization probabilities of methanol cluster ions as a function of the size and the kinetic energy of the parent clusters.

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Received 30 November 2000

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Christen, W., Even, U. Collision-induced fragmentation and neutralization of methanol cluster cations. Eur. Phys. J. D 16, 87–90 (2001).

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  • PACS. 34.30.+h Intramolecular energy transfer; intramolecular dynamics; dynamics of van der Waals molecules – 34.50.-s Scattering of atoms and molecules – 34.70.+e Charge transfer – 36.40.-c Atomic and molecular clusters – 61.46.+w Nanoscale materials: clusters, nanoparticles, nanotubes, and nanocrystals – 81.16.-c Methods of nanofabrication and processing – 82.30.-b Specific chemical reactions; reaction mechanisms – 82.40.-g Chemical kinetics and reactions: special regimes and techniques