Shell correction in Bohr stopping theory

  • P. Sigmund


The shell correction is a term \(\) in the electronic-stopping force on a charged particle, where \(\) denotes the speed of a target electron. This term has been evaluated as a function of impact parameter within the scheme underlying Bohr's classical stopping theory, applying free-Coulomb scattering to close and a multipole expansion to distant interactions. Unlike the leading term in the stopping force, the shell correction is dominated by contributions from close collisions, and its magnitude differs from that found from the Bethe theory. Findings are also compared with the predictions of kinetic theory. Implications are mentioned on the stopping of swift heavy ions.

PACS. 34.50.Bw Energy loss and stopping power - 61.85.+p Channeling phenomena (blocking, energy loss, etc.) - 52.40.Mj Particle beam interactions in plasma 


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  • P. Sigmund
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  1. 1.Physics Department, Odense University (SDU), 5230 Odense M, DenmarkDK

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