The viscosity cross-section for elastic electron-xenon collisions including electron spin polarization

  • V. Žigman


The results of the evaluation of the viscosity cross-section for elastic electron-xenon collisions, taking into account the spin-orbit interaction of the continuum electron, in the energy interval from 0.1 eV to 50 eV are presented and discussed. The calculations are performed on the basis of three theoretically derived sets of phase shift data obtained by different authors and on the deduced relativistic expression for the viscosity cross-section in terms of phase shifts discerning the spin-up and spin-down states of the scattered electrons. Comparison with viscosity cross-sections, as evaluated from non-relativistic phase shifts extracted from experiments, strongly favours the relativistic results. The assumption of isotropic scattering is critically examined and the error induced by its use is shown to persist to the same extent as in non-relativistic calculations, at least in the energy region considered.

PACS. 34.80.Bm Elastic scattering of electrons by atoms and molecules 


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  • V. Žigman
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  1. 1.Nova Gorica Polytechnic, Nova Gorica, P.O.Box 301, SloveniaSI

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