Electron impact excitation cross sections for phosphorus

  • P.S. Ganas


An analytic atomic independent-particle-model is used to generate wave functions for the valence and excited states of the neutral phosphorus atom. These wave functions are used to calculate generalized oscillator strengths, and from these quantities the cross sections are obtained in Born approximation. Various excitations from the \(\) ground state are considered, and results are presented for electron impact energies up to 5 keV.

PACS. 34.10.+x General theories and models of atomic and molecular collisions and interactions (including statistical theories, transitions state, stochastic and trajectory models, etc. - 34.80.Dp Atomic excitation and ionization by electron impact 


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  • P.S. Ganas
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  1. 1.California State University at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Ca. 90032, USAUS

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