Alternative mass-shell renormalization for a minimal supersymmetric Higgs sector

  • L.-Y. Shan
Theoretical physics


An Aoki–Denner form of the renormalization scheme is suggested for the physical amplitudes in the minimal supersymmetric standard model. With the more explicit wave-function renormalization, the scheme is parameterized by the mass of the physical pseudoscalar (\(M_A\)) and the mass of heavy CP-even neutral Higgs (\(M_H\)) instead of the conventional \(M_A\), \(\tan\beta\) as input. The counterterm of \(\tan\beta\) is defined on mass shell perturbatively just within the Higgs sector. The renormalization of gauge-scalar mixings are fixed by proper Ward–Takahashi identities. The effect of the reparameterization is also probed to the radiative correction of the mass of the lightest Higgs.


Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model Radiative Correction Higgs Sector Mass Shell Renormalization Scheme 
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