A study of B\(_s^0\) meson oscillation using D\(_{\rm s}^-\)-lepton correlations

  • The OPAL Collaboration
  • G. Abbiendi et al.
Experimental physics


From data collected around the Z resonance by the OPAL detector at LEP, a sample of B\(_s^0\) decays was obtained using D\(_s^-}\ell^+\) combinations, where the \(D_s^-\) was fully reconstructed in the \(\phi\pi^-, \mathrm{K}^{*0}\mathrm{K}^-\) and \(\mathrm{K}^0_{\mathrm{S}}\mathrm{K}^-\) decay channels or partially reconstructed in the \(\phi\ell^-\bar{\nu}(\mathrm{X})\) decay channel. These events were used to study \(\mathrm{B_s^0}\) oscillation. The flavor (b or \(\bar{b}\)) at decay was determined from the lepton charge while the flavor at production was determined from a combination of techniques. The expected sensitivity of the experiment is 4.1 ps\(^{-1}\). The experiment was not able to resolve the oscillatory behavior, and we deduced that the B\(_s^0\) oscillation frequency \(\Delta m_s > 1.0\) ps\(^{-1}\) at the 95% confidence level.


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  • The OPAL Collaboration
  • G. Abbiendi et al.
    • 1
  1. 1.Dipartimento di Fisica dell' Università di Bologna and INFN, 40126 Bologna, Italy IT

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