The three–form multiplet in \(N = 2\) superspace

  • Maximilian F. Hasler
Theoretical physics


We present an \(N=2\) multiplet including a three–index antisymmetric tensor gauge potential, and describe it as a solution to the Bianchi identities for the associated fieldstrength superform, subject to some covariant constraints, in extended central charge superspace. We find that this solution is given in terms of an \(8+8\) tensor multiplet subject to an additional constraint. We give the transformation laws for the multiplet as well as invariant superfield and component field lagrangians, and mention possible couplings to other multiplets. We also allude to the relevance of the 3–form geometry for generic invariant supergravity actions.


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  • Maximilian F. Hasler
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  1. 1. Centre de Physique Théorique, C.N.R.S. Luminy, case 907, F–13288 Marseille, France (e–mail: FR

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