Measurement of the \({\mathrm{B^0_s}}\) lifetime and study of \({\mathrm{B^0_s}}\)-\({\overline{\mathrm{B^0_s}}}\) oscillations using \({{\mathrm{ D_s}}\ell}\) events

  • The DELPHI Collaboration
  • P. Abreu et al.
Experimental physics


Lifetime and oscillations of \({\rm B^0_s}\) mesons have been studied in events with a large transverse momentum lepton and a \({\rm D_s}\) of opposite electric charge in the same hemisphere, selected from about 3.6 million hadronic \({\rm Z^0}\) decays accumulated by DELPHI between 1992 and 1995. The \({\rm B^0_s}\) lifetime and the fractional width difference between the two physical \({\rm B^0_s}\) states have been found to be:

\(\) \(\)

In the latter result it has been assumed that \(\tau_{{\rm B^0_s}}=\tau_{\rm B_d^}\). Using the same sample, a limit on the mass difference between the physical \(\mbox{B}^0_{\mathrm s}\) states has been set:


with a corresponding sensitivity equal to \(8.1 ps^{-1}\).


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  • The DELPHI Collaboration
  • P. Abreu et al.
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