Composite antisymmetric-tensor Nambu-Goldstone bosons in a four-fermion interaction model and the Higgs mechanism

  • V. Dmitrašinović
Theoretical physics


Starting from the Fierz transform of the two-flavour 't Hooft interaction (a four-fermion Lagrangian with antisymmetric Lorentz tensor interaction terms augmented by an NJL type Lorentz scalar interaction responsible for dynamical symmetry breaking and quark mass generation), we show that: (1) antisymmetric tensor Nambu-Goldstone bosons appear provided that the scalar and tensor couplings stand in the proportion of two to one, which ratio appears naturally in the Fierz transform of the two-flavour 't Hooft interaction; (2) non-Abelian vector gauge bosons coupled to this system acquire a non-zero mass. Axial-vector fields do not mix with antisymmetric tensor fields, so there is no mass shift there.


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