High-twist contribution to the longitudinal structure function \(F_\mathrm{L}\) at high x

  • S.I. Alekhin
Experimental physics


We perform the NLO QCD fit to the combined deep inelastic scattering (DIS) data at high x from the SLAC, BCDMS, and NMC collaborations. The model-independent x shape of the high-twist contribution to structure function \(F_\mathrm{L}\) is extracted. The twist-4 contribution to \(F_\mathrm{L}\) is found to be in a qualitative agreement with the predictions of the infrared renormalon model. The twist-6 contribution exhibits a weak trend to negative values, although on the whole, it is compatible with zero within the errors.


Structure Function Qualitative Agreement Inelastic Scattering Deep Inelastic Scattering Longitudinal Structure 
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