Self-similar properties of the proton structure at low x

  • T. Laštovička
Experimental physics


Self-similar properties of proton structure in the kinematic region of low values of the Bjorken variable x are introduced and studied numerically. A description of the proton structure function \(F_{2}(x,Q^2)\) reflecting self-similarity is proposed with a few parameters which are fitted to recent HERA data. The specific parametrisation provides an excellent description of the data which cover the region of four momentum transfer squared \(0.045 \le Q^2 \le 120 \GeV^2\), and of the Bjorken variable \(x 6.2 \cdot 10^{-7} \le x \le 0.01\).


Structure Function Momentum Transfer Specific Parametrisation Kinematic Region HERA Data 
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  • T. Laštovička
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