Discrete symmetry and GUT breaking

Theoretical physics


We study the supersymmetric GUT models in which the supersymmetry and GUT gauge symmetry can be broken by a discrete symmetry. First, with the ansatz that there exist discrete symmetries in the branes' neighborhoods, we discuss the general reflection \(Z_2\) symmetries and GUT breaking on \(M^4\times M^1\) and \(M^4\times M^1\times M^1\). In those models, the extra dimensions can be large and the KK states can be set arbitrarily heavy. Second, considering that the extra space manifold is the annulus \(A^2\) or the disc \(D^2\), we can define any \(Z_n\) symmetry and break any 6-dimensional N=2 supersymmetric SU(M) models down to the 4-dimensional N=1 supersymmetric \(SU(3)\times SU(2)\times U(1)^{M-4}\) models for the zero modes. In particular, there might exist the interesting scenario on \(M^4\times A^2\) where just a few KK states are light, while the others are relatively heavy. Third, we discuss the complete global discrete symmetries on \(M^4\times T^2\) and study the GUT breaking.


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