Structure of low and high spin states in 112Sb in interacting boson fermion fermion model

  • A.K. Singh
Nuclear structure


In this paper, properties of the low and the high spin states in 112Sb have been studied in the framework of Interacting Boson Fermion Fermion Model. A surface delta plus spin-spin type of interaction has been taken as the residual interaction between the odd neutron and the odd proton. Energy values, magnetic moments of the ground state and the isomeric 8 state, E2/M1 mixing ratios of some of the low-lying transitions and log ft values for the Gamow-Teller transitions in 112Sb →112Sn and 111Sb →111Sn decay have been calculated and are compared with the experimental results. The band based on the configuration π g-19/2π g27/2⊗ν h11/2 is obtained in this calculation by coupling the proton in the g9/2 and the neutron in the h11/2 orbital to the deformed band of 110Sn. The B(M1)/B(E2) ratios and branching ratios for the transitions in this band have also been calculated and compared with the experimental results.

PACS:21.60.Fw Models based on group theory – 21.10.Ky Electromagnetic moments – 21.10.Tg Lifetimes – 23.40.Hc Relation with nuclear matrix elements and nuclear structure – 27.60.+j 90 ≤ A ≤ 149 


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