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Development of optical fiber-based respiration sensor for noninvasive respiratory monitoring

  • Wook Jae Yoo
  • Kyoung Won Jang
  • Jeong Ki Seo
  • Ji Yeon Heo
  • Jin Soo Moon
  • Jae Hoon Jun
  • Jang-Yeon Park
  • Bongsoo Lee
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In this study, two types of nasal-cavity-attached fiber-optic respiration sensors have been fabricated for noninvasive respiratory monitoring. One is a silver halide optical-fiber-based respiration sensor that can measure the variations of infrared radiation generated by the respiratory airflow from a nasal cavity. The other is a thermochromic-pigment-based fiber-optic respiration sensor that can measure the intensity of reflected light which changes owing to color variations of the temperature-sensing film according to the temperature difference between inspiratory and expiratory air. We have demonstrated the similarities of the respiratory signals using the fiber-optic respiration sensors and the temperature transducer of the BIOPAC® system. In addition, we verified that respiratory signals without the deterioration of the MR image can be obtained using the fiber-optic respiration sensors. It is anticipated that the proposed noninvasive fiberoptic respiration sensors will be highly effective for respiratory monitoring of a patient during MRI procedures.


fiber-optic sensor plastic optical fiber respiration sensor silver halide optical fiber thermochromic pigment 


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  • Wook Jae Yoo
    • 1
  • Kyoung Won Jang
    • 1
  • Jeong Ki Seo
    • 1
  • Ji Yeon Heo
    • 1
  • Jin Soo Moon
    • 1
  • Jae Hoon Jun
    • 1
  • Jang-Yeon Park
    • 1
  • Bongsoo Lee
    • 1
  1. 1.School of Biomedical Engineering, College of Biomedical and Health Science, Research Institute of Biomedical EngineeringKonkuk UniversityChungjuKorea

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