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Future management of aquifer recharge

  • Peter DillonEmail author


Management of aquifer recharge (MAR) often provides the cheapest form of new safe water supply for towns and small communities. In spite of a sound knowledge base (e.g. Peters 1998; Bouwer 2002; Dillon 2002), uptake to date has tended to be localised and geographic expansion has been limited by lack of understanding of hydrogeology and/or knowledge of MAR. With training and demonstration projects MAR has potential to be a major contributor to the UN Millennium Goal for Water Supply especially for village supplies in semi-arid and arid areas.

The sustainable water treatment capacity of aquifers is often under-estimated and new knowledge is needed to define the extent to which aquifer treatment can be relied upon within a risk management framework. In cities with organised drainage and sewerage systems, the capacity for indirect reuse of stormwater and reclaimed water via aquifer storage for potable and/or irrigation supplies is significant. Where informal urban systems...


Artificial recharge Groundwater Water banking Sustainable underground storage 


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