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Athermal shearing of frictionless cross-shaped particles of varying aspect ratio

  • Theodore A. Marschall
  • S. TeitelEmail author
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  1. In Memoriam of Robert P. Behringer, late Editor in Chief of Granular Matter


We use numerical simulations to study the shear-driven steady-state flow of athermal, frictionless, overdamped, two dimensional cross-shaped particles of varying aspect ratios, and make comparison with the behavior of rod-shaped and staple-shaped particles. We find that the extent of non-convexity of the particle shape plays an important role in determining both the value of the jamming packing fraction as well as the rotational motion and orientational ordering of the particles.


Jamming Rheology Shearing Aspherical particles Orientational order 



This article is dedicated to the memory of Robert Behringer, who was much interested in the jamming of crosses, stars, and other oddly shaped granular particles. We thank an anonymous reviewer for several helpful and interesting comments. This work was supported in part by National Science Foundation Grants CBET-1435861 and DMR-1809318. Computations were carried out at the Center for Integrated Research Computing at the University of Rochester.

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